The heart and the lung for elementary school children


It can be said that our body is like a society which five internal organs, such as the heart, a lung, liver, the kidney, and the pancreas including a brain, intestines, muscles, a bone, etc. help each other mutually and is alive. Moreover, we are helped by parents, the school teacher, and many people that work at the meeting of the other company, and are alive. Moreover, we are helped by parents, the school teachers, and many people working at the society, and are alive. It seems that we pass over in many cases, without noticing that we are related mutually. Then, this time, let's study about the heart and a lung.
Let's investigate by what kind of structure our heart is moving with feeling by hand, listening with your ear, and looking at the pictures. Let's learn also about a lung.
The blood which came out of the heart goes into a lung immediately. The blood which flowed out of the lung returns to the heart again. It helps each other mutually and is moving. Let's study this relation as well.

Table of contents



Blood pressure
Electricity is flowing into the muscles of the heart.
Sound of the heart
The flow of blood
Let's see your heart
Relation between the heart and a lung