The homepage of a Japanese version

It was around 2001 that we started to create the animation about the body on the homepage.
11 years have passed since that.
In the meantime, Japanese society is in the state where digitization progresses and it cannot retrace its steps in all places.

In it, man is not different from primitive ages and is living with regular way.
On the earth, it was born as man, and has supported and lived to immunity.
From now on, it will continue living by instinct of living.
In the future, the life by space may start, an earth people may turn into an alien someday, and an alien's ancestor may hear the children's story that he was an earth people.

However, the physiology of the body of the human being who lives on the earth does not change so much, but our heart moves, and probably the far future we also inhale air and live.
From now on, the anime about bodily physiology is made towards a schoolchild, a junior high school student, or the parents.
First of all, let's understand how its own body is moving.

When you grow old and become sick, it means that having separated from this physiology had happened.

Illness is of infinite variety.
Please do not be brandished by this much, but let's understand a living self now.

When seeing this homepage by ipad of a Mac or the newest tablet, this anime is available for inspection (it has changed into the GIF file). On closed access, please contact us through a message board. We will do our best to cope with it.

I listed the names of those who cooperated with anime creation in the past without specifying affiliation.

The last day of December, Naoto Nagata

The original of animation is offered by Ikuyo Nagata.

Rika Yabuoshi, Yuichiro Yamamoto, Haruyuki Koga, Shuntarou Matsuda, Toshikatsu Ikeda, Takumi Yoneyama, Kazushi Jhotsu, Akihiro Kawano, Tomomi Maatsuoka, Shinji Makihara, Tsutomu Kiritani, Sanae Araki, Jun Hasuda, Shigeki tanaka

The experiment which understands signs that oxygen is taken into blood in a lung

 The lid of the test tube containing venous blood is opened, and it waves so that blood may be mixed with air. The color of the black venous blood becomes red in a moment.
We observe that oxygen in the air combined with the hemoglobin of venous blood, and melted into blood, and became arterial blood.

Training which understands the structure of a sphygmomanometer

 The sphygmomanometer is figured out using a sound of lub-dub emitted when blood flows again, after stopping the blood which flows in a blood vessel.
Cuff which wound around the upper arm is loosened, sound which can be heard first is made into the highest blood pressure, and the last of the sound which was able to be heard continuously is made into the lowest blood pressure after that.
I get the child hearing the sound into which blood flows in a blood vessel through a stethoscope.