There is an important structure in a human being which does not help with our own intention.

The human being is not a robot.

Even a robot can move hands and feet, but it is a human being that has an upset stomach after having meals, has the heart beating fast after getting excited, and is confused and unsure what to do.

Cerebrospinal nervous system
Nerve cells and nerve fiber in brain, the spinal cord different from the autonomic nerve

It moves hands and feet, and feels the pain.

Mainly can control with own intention

Exercise and sense are shown briefly on the previous page.
Nervous system
Automatic nervous system

It is classified into two nerves which action disagrees, that is sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve,

Brain and spinal cord have the center of the autonomic nerve and send an autonomic nerve fiber to the peripheral nerve nearly each.
It is difficult to control with own intention.

The structure of automatic nerve

The sympathetic nerve comes out of the outside of the spinal cord and turns around in the front that is belly side, and enters the sympathetic trunk in both sides of the spinal cord

After that, it is distributed over the whole body including each organ and conveys information.

The parasympathetic nerve comes out of midbrain, medulla oblongata, the lower part of the spinal cord and grows in a body. There is the way of the nerve going toward the whole body from the brain and the spinal cord, and the way of the nerve going towards brain and spinal cord.


A nerve looking like blue is the parasympathetic nerve.
The trunk of the pink sympathetic nerve is seen in the back.
There is the spinal cord behind it, and contacts the sympathetic trunk.

The work of the automatic nerve is

Saying it short, the autonomic nerve is a nerve which controls the function of internal organs, blood vessel and creates the internal environment.
The autonomic nerve controls all internal organs, blood vessel and secretory gland of the whole body.

Since it is working independently irrespective of our intention unlike sensory nerve and motor nerve, neither internal organs nor a blood vessel can be freely moved with our intention.

Conversely, what we breathe even if not conscious and move stomach to digest the things which we ate, and break a sweat to maintain temperature is because there is autonomic nerve.

Autonomic nerve has the sympathetic nerve (nerve when we are awake, nerve when we get tense) and the parasympathetic nerve (nerve when we are asleep, nerve when we are relaxed).

These two work contradicting for one organ each other.
We recently understood that there is the close relation between feelings and automatic nervous system.
When sympathetic nerve is excited (sympathetic nerve is a nerve becoming the source of active movement in daytime).

When the person wakes up, sympathetic nerve becomes more active than parasympathetic nerve and a body feels good and can carry out various activities. The pupil of eyes opens, and more visual information comes to become available in brain (regardless of the brightness of the circumference). In addition, the secretion of tears decreases so that we can see very well.

Heart acts with a throb still more to send blood to the whole body depending on active activity. The blood pressure rises, too. The sympathetic nerve puts mind and body in the excitement state in this way and makes the system to prepare for when unexpected correspondence is required.
In addition, because there must not be urination and a bowel movement during activity, the muscle of the bladder loosens, and urinary quantity of retention increases and anal sphincter tightens more so that stool does not come out.

A pupil widely opens, and a heartthrob becomes fast and various other changes get up, but we cannot control by oneself to make it large nor make it fast.

When parasympathetic nerve is excited (a nerve when we are asleep and relaxed)

During sleep, the breathing is deep and slow, and the heart moves slowly.

During sleep, the stomach moves lively. The movement like constricted is called peristalsis.
For this, food can move.

iobserve the movement of stomach through the gastric camera.j

The main function of automatic nerve and body response

@ If the sympathetic nerve works If the parasympathetic nerve works
Pupil Dilation (so that a lot of light enters) Contracts
Lacrimal  gland Blood vessel shrinks, and the secretion of tears decreases Blood vessel is expanded, and tears increase
Salivary gland Saliva decrease, and mouth goes all dry Saliva increase (Saliva is digestive juice)
Gastrointestinal secretory gland Secretion of gastric juice and the intestinal juice decreases Secretion such as the gastric juice (gastric acid) increases
Gastrointestinal movement Movement decreases and tends to be constipated It works well and inclines to diarrhea
Smooth muscle of the trachea It loosens and the trachea inside diameter spreads Tightens the trachea, and the trachea inside diameter becomes narrow (state of the asthma)
Cardiac rhythm Heart rate increases and pounds Heart rate decreases
Contraction of a cardiac muscle It contracts greatly and sends full blood. It becomes weak contraction.
Peripheral blood vessel It contracts, and blood pressure rises It loosens and blood pressure falls and have a migraine.
Sweat gland Sweats a lot |
Pilomotor muscles Contract and have goose bumps |
Bladder, rectal muscle Accumulate urine and stool. Get constipated Push urine and stool, and inclines to diarrhea
Bladder, anal sphincter Tightens, and does not let urine, stool go Exit becomes loose and let urine and stool go
Brain, nerve Get excited Becomes calm and sleepy
The situation that nerve acts on When we are awake and starts activity, work, have a fight, have a game and exercise. When we go to bed, are asleep, have meals, take a rest and relax, and at the time of defecation and urination
Neurotransmitter Adrenaline, Noradrenaline Acetylcholine

When we have a big stress -----

Fukkun is fighting with stress. He seems to be defeated by stress.

If we are under stress which we cannot bear, pains not to understand the cause and abnormalities of body such as irritation come out.

This is the signature that the balance of the autonomic nerve collapsed.
Fukkun should take a good sleep, do exercise, and listen to music to make him relax.
Let’s try to make parasympathetic nerve active.
Since there is the stress we do not to understand by oneself, let’s talk with parents, teachers and health teachers, and think about what stress is.