What is joint ?

Here, let’s learn the joint exercise of knee, shoulder, elbow, and waist, and let's do study to prevent the disorder by sports.
1. How many human bones are there?
Why do we grow in height?
How does the muscle stick together to a bone?
How about the case of a bone and the bone? Where is the smallest bone in our body?
2. Let's check muscle and a bone moving a knee.
What is a ligament?
3. What is the ligament damage of the knee?

What should be careful in sports?

4. What kinds of structure does the shoulder have?
5. Shoulder joint that is the humerus is easy to dislocate. Why?
6. What kind of things is taking place when we throw a ball and so on?

Let’s study not to worsen the shoulder by sports.

7. The elbow consists of one bone which comes out of the shoulder, and two bones under it, doesn’t it? Let’s see how it works.
8. Where is the place which it becomes painful after throwing a ball too much in baseball and so on?

Is it inside of elbow? Or outside?

9. Where is the place in which we play tennis too much and have a pain?
Is it inside or outside of an elbow?
10. What is the pulled elbow?

Father should be careful.

11. What is the bone of the backbone like?
12. Are there a lot of muscles?
13. What is spondylolysis???
It seems that even children should be careful.