5DBreathing movement

About the basket surrounding a lung

Please see pictures below. The lung of the right and left is enclosed by the backbone in the back, twelve ribs of each right and left, and various muscles and diaphragms (muscles which divide an abdomen and a chest) which have adhered to the ribs
There are a blood vessel, an esophagus and a tracheal gill, and a nerve which frequent the heart in addition to a lung in the basket surrounding a lung (rib cage).

The blood vessel, nerve and an esophagus which go to an abdomen pass along each crevice of the muscles called a diaphragm, and go to an abdomen.

There is a crevice from the image of a basket, but this basket does not lead outside since the crevice which leads the outside of the body is covered on muscles, the skin, and so on. It is what is called a closed room.

The lung in a basket is covered by a double film called pleural membranes.
The lung covered with these double pleural membranes swells just before the rib of the outside which is making the form of this basket, and when this basket swells outside or it fades as for it inside, it swells similarly or it fades as for it. Therefore, there is no room for air to enter between the rib of the outside of a basket, and a lung.

About a motion of a lung

If a diaphragm spreads in the way of a lower part, i.e., the belly, and a rib spreads outside, as anime shows, a basket will swell.  Since this basket is a closed room, inner pressure will fall. Then, the lung in the inside where pressure fell inhales air from outside. This is a mechanism which inhales air. Technically, the pressure of the crevice (cavum pleurae) made in the double pleural membranes which covered the lung falls, and a lung swells by being pulled by it. Let's look at anime and think about it.
Rib and Vertebra
The relation between the rib cage and organizations of the circumference