“Why humans evolved as thinker?” this idea comes up when I think about the brain. Is there an answer for this question?
The more I search about brain, the more I think it is because of the brain we can survive on this planet. On the other hand, it is because of the brain we made the society and struggle in it.
Let’s talk about the brain from many perspectives. This homepage is probably for upper junior school students. (this might be difficult for elementary school student.)
Naoto Nagata
Saitokoyu Medical Center Local Incorporated Administrative Agency
March, 2017
Animation by Ikuyo Nagata
Specimen of brain and spinal cord are offered by Mr. A? from Anatomy ultrastructural study, Medical faculty, Miyazaki university.
The pictures used here is from other websites and textbooks. In some of these pictures, I couldn’t find out contact for permission of print. Please contact us if you have any inconvenience.